– For Sale is a premium domain name for sale. With the help of proven methods and data-driven approach, you will know how name has a lot of potential both branding and SEO wise.

Also, I have added some previous premium .co domain sale figures to give the potential buyers an idea about the .co market. I have added three implementable ideas on 

In the end, you will see the domain’s reserve price and lease options.

Interested people can also make their offer via email.

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Branding Wise

The domain is:

  • Clear
  • Short
  • Meaningful
  • Catchy
  • Easy to Read, Write and Listen domain can help: 

  • in Increasing Credibility
  • providing High Link Value
  • in Gaining More Trust From Users
  • in Online Ads Performing Well Because of the Premium Domain

Why .co Extension

.co is the New King of Internet. .co is a short and sweet extension. .co’s popularity has greatly increased since it’s launch in 2010.

And from 2014 it’s increasing at much more speed. You can see the proof in the below graph by Y Combinator

Co's Popularity

In 2017, .co left .io behind. 

Some of the internet giants have acquired .co names over the years. Which are: Google –, Twitter –, GoDaddy –, Overstock – and even though Facebook has, they have also acquired 

Plus more and more start-ups are going for .co instead of .com. Here are the 10 start-ups launched with .co. 

Including,,,,,,,, and

Previously have also made their primary domain name and is redirecting to

You can see the complete Case Studies of .co here and know who exactly is using .co domains as their primary business domain.

It’ll give you plenty of strong reasons to choose a .co domain name.

Benefits of SEO Wise

In the world of online business, targeted traffic is a crucial element. The keyword ‘Document’ can help in ranking on top of Google with fewer SEO efforts. That can save the website owner a lot of time and money. 

I agree that from the past couple of years Google is not giving priority to the keyword being in the domain name as a ranking factor. But keyword in the URL/Slug/Domain still helps in On-Page SEO. Here’s a very short case study to prove my point.

On top of that When you optimize your keyword for on-page SEO, the world’s most popular and highly used Yoast SEO plugin suggests to adding the targeted keyword in the URL/slug/Domain. 

Document - Focus Keyword

Short SEO Case Study of

According to my SEO experience of 2017-2018 years (My SEO experience is 7 years combined) having a keyword in the URL/Slug still helps in ranking. And it’s a strong element of On-Page SEO.
As a proof, check out the following mentioned keywords that are ranking for, the website I worked on in 2017-2018.

Search in Google for the following keywords and you’ll find ranking on the first (Mostly) and second page. I targeted the USA audience for these keywords. so if you don’t live in the USA,  I suggest opening Google with

Keywords: Nadine Caridi, Allysa Rose, Autumn Snyder, Shemar Moore Wife, Joe Rogan Wife, Tim Tebow Wife, Whitney Scott Mathers, Josh Gates Wife.

Note: These pages are ranking solely based on the quality content and On-Page SEO. They do not have more than 1 or 2 backlinks. I didn’t use backlinking strategy to rank for any of these keywords. Even the DR of the domain is very low.

Apart from the keyword in the URL, other ranking factors are quality of content, low bounce rate, high CTR, quality backlinks, outbound links and several other factors.

Now even though results are in front of you, but still you might say, Meehhh that’s just a minor case study. Then don’t take my word for it. Take the word of Neil Patel, one of the most reputed people in the SEO industry.

Neil Patel is on top in the SEO game (Everyone knows that) and he’s like my virtual mentor because I have never met him in person, but learned a lot from him. He has also replied to my comments several times under his videos and even replied to my emails. That’s just his generosity and humbleness. He always helps the people he can with his generous advice.

On July 25, 2017, he made crystal clear in a video released on his YouTube channel that having a keyword in the URL or Domain or Slug helps in ranking tremendously. If a brandable and short domain name is also a keyword, then it’s worth acquiring for your company. Here’s the video below.

Keyword in the URL/Slug and in the brandable domain name is a major plus point.

Ranking Potential of

Below are the potential keywords that can rank for. I have gathered the information about CPC, search volume in the USA and globally with the traffic potential of these keywords from

Now before looking at these keywords, you can watch this video or read this article by the co-founder of Moz, Rand FishkinWhere he explains how ranking for the main keyword (i.e. Document), can help a lot in ranking with phases or multiple words that includes the main word (i.e. Document Scanner) in it. 

Keywords Monthly Search Volume (USA) Monthly Traffic Potential (USA) Global Monthly Searches Cost Per Click (CPC)
Document 24,000 8,700 3,67,000 $1.00
Documents 90,000 20,000 2.62,000 $0.70
Document Scanner 15,000 9,100 25,000 $3.00
how to scan a document 15,000 6,500 27,000 $3.50
untitled document 10,000 1,600 13,000 $1.2
document camera 7,200 2,000 10,000 $1.8
document shredding 8,100 4,300 9,000 $5.0

Let’s make some calculations based on the monthly traffic potential from the USA only and the cost per click you have to pay for it. 

Total of Monthly Traffic Potential (USA) for these seven keywords is 52,200 clicks. CPC wise, Some cost high and some cost low. Document Shredding’s CPC cost is $5.00, so you might even have to pay a lot more when for that’s a lot and competition is high. But, let’s keep an average CPC of $1.75 for all these 7 keywords. 

Now that is 52,200 * $1.75 = $91,350 per month. And I have kept it as minimum as I could. 

I have not calculated the CPC amount on the basis of the Monthly Search Volume (USA) or Global Monthly Searches, but only for Monthly Traffic Potential from the USA alone, not from the entire world. 

And most of all, I have not included hundreds of other keyword terms around the word document. We are making the calculation based on just seven keyword terms.

And you can see once ranked, can help you save $91,350 every month and even more if we stay practical here.

$91,350 * 12 = $1,096,200

Now that’s over a Million Dollar savings every year.

And CPC prices have increased over the years and they will continue to increase.

Sales of .Co Domains Over The Years – (2015-2018) – $32k (June 2015) – $10k (June 2015) – $27k (Sept 2015) – $12k (Nov 2015) – $32k (Dec 2015) – $15k (Dec 2015) – $9,500 (Dec 2015) – $9k (Jan 2016) – $15k (Mar 2016) – $12,500 (April 2016) – $9k (June 2016) – $13k (July 2016) – $89k (Oct 2016) – $18k (Oct 2016) – $11k (Oct 2016) – $19k (Nov 2016) – $10k (Dec 2016) – $30k (Jan 2017) – $9k (May 2017) – $15k (June 2017) – $25k (Sept 2017) – $22,500 (Oct 2017) – $9,500 (Dec 2017) – $18k (Jan 2018) – $30k (Jan 2018) – $14k (Jan 2018) – $8,500 (Feb 2018) – $30k (Feb 2018) – $50k (June 2018)

Above are the sales stats of some premium .co domain names. Now let’s compare few sold and live domains SEO wise to

Keywords Monthly Search Volume (USA) Monthly Traffic Potential (USA) Global Monthly Searches Cost Per Click (CPC)
Document 24,000 8,700 3,67,000 $1.00
Rival ( Sold in Jan 2018 for $30k) 21,000 2,500 94,000 $0.25
Curate ( Sold in Jan 2018 for $14k) 43,000 4,000 71,000 $4.5
Dare ( Sold in Dec 2017 for $9,500) 48,000 8,400 207,000 $1.3
Input ( Sold in Jan 2017 for $30k) 31,000 2,000 162,000 $1.1

Global monthly search volume and monthly traffic potential (USA) of document keyword are both more than each compared domain in the above table. 

Even after having the high CPC rate Curate was sold for $16,000 less than Rival. And both domains were sold in the same month, Jan 2018. 

SEO wise has more value than

What happens is, sometimes in the domain flipping business, a brandable word means more than any other elements. And sometimes, the seller is in need of urgent cash or there could be any other reason so the seller agrees to sell the domain at a less price. 

But in many cases, the domain is not analysed from the SEO perspective properly and the seller ends up selling the domain at a much less price. In other words, an unfair deal is done.

Ideas to Implement on

There are several solid ideas that can be implemented on Before I present these ideas, let’s clear one thing. It doesn’t matter if the product or a service already exists, you can still implement that idea in a better and different way. 

Dan Martell an expert in the SAAS business explains this perfectly in the following video.

The Ideas

These are rough ideas and totally implementable after polishing.

1.  Cloud Storage App for Documents and Media Files

Here are some cloud storage apps for iOS available in the market. The tagline of can be, “All of your documents in one place” or something like this, more refined tagline.

2. Document Creation of All Kinds (With Green Environment Movement)

There can be an app and website where users can create any type of document, i.e. .pdf, .word, .pages, .numbers, .excel, .py, .php, .txt etc. Doesn’t matter if the user wants to write a code or create a beautiful presentable document, they can create at 

Plus we can encourage people to move to digital media for any type of document usage and use less paper for better and green environment.

3. Templates of Any Kind of Legal and Official Document

There is a website named that offer this service. is the perfectly suitable name for this kind of project.

These are the possibilities with I have written these three ideas to give you an overview of possibilities. You can definitely come up with your own ideas or furnish any of the above ones and implement on – The perfect place for business related to documents. And a document is essential for any business. So opportunities are endless.

Conclusion, Reserve Price Range of

Now in the case of, everything is in front of you. The points and research on .co extension, brand-wise, SEO wise, .co sales wise are in front of you with valid data and proof.

With minimal SEO efforts and having valuable content,’s owner can get the traffic worth over a million dollar every year. And that is just from the USA. I haven’t calculated traffic cost based on Global Monthly Searches.

There endless opportunities with the Word Document. 

Reserve Price Range

Considering just the SEO part alone price of should be more than a $1 Million. Considering the previous .co sales and recent highest sale at $85,000. The reserve price range for is $20,000 – $50,000.

Reserve Price Range: $20,000 – $50,000

This price couldn’t be fairer. Domain transfer will be done via

Lease Option

Entrepreneurs/Buyer can also use on the lease. Here are the lease terms below.

Domain Lease Period: 3 years (36 months)
Down Payment: $0.00
Lease Payment Amount: $500
Purchase Option:$55,000

Domain Leasing Issues

There are two types of concerns while taking the domain name on the lease.

Concern of Buyer

Domain owner might change the DNS settings during the lease period. (That will not be done on unless the seller does any of the activity written below under the concern of seller.)

Concern of Seller

If the buyer use domain for illegal activities, or SPAM or use Black-Hat techniques to get quick traffic. Then it can decrease the value of that domain name.

Interested buyers and domain brokers can contact me via email: